What We Do

We help businesses and individuals brand or rebrand themselves. By combining strategy and execution, we build vibrant, engaging identities that bring your brand to life.

What we offer is a focused solution that leverages our expertise in brand strategy and design. Because of this, at the end of your project, we'll work closely with your in-house team or agency partner to transition ownership of the brand in a way that sets you up for long-term success.

Our Process

We start by gaining a strong understanding of your business. From there, we'll apply our tried and true process to deliver a brand identity you're sure to be proud of.

  • Research & Discovery

During this stage, we identify the business assumptions, user / customer personas and competitive landscape for your brand. These factors play an important role in defining the direction of the project.

  • Ideation & Brainstorming

Unlike many, we don't believe in many solutions to a single brand problem. There is a best solution and we intend to find it. While we consider multiple directions internally, we share a single recommendation.

  • Design & Iteration

During this phase we bring the brand to life by applying feedback. We refine and establish the identity, tone and application for the brand. This is a labor intensive process, but is key to creating a stable foundation for the identity.

  • Delivery of Assets

Required brand assets vary from business to business, but typically include the identity presentation, best practices styleguide for design, tone and other brand-related attributes, digital and print materials.