The Beginning

In 2012 we got together and decided to start  a community that brought creative people together.  We believed, as we still do today, that creativity transcends countless professions and crafts. We observed, however, that there wasn't a whole lot of mingling between these groups. So, Creatives United was born.

Brand New in 2016

We've enjoyed working together so much that we've decided to formalize our partnership under Creatives United. As a collective of brand strategists, we're now focused on creating as much as we are on bringing creatives together.

We look forward to serving the creative community for years to come. If you represent a business or other entity, we'd love to work with you. If you're a creative seeking company, please check out our next event and connect with us!

The Co-founders


David Baker

David is a Product Owner Lead at RevUnit and Founder of Launch Retreat, an intense program that prepares entrepreneurs for the ongoing challenges of business ownership and development. He spends much of his time on product & service design and is a self-proclaimed chef, lion tamer and music producer. Only two of those are true. Or false.


Joe Payne

A designer and entrepreneur at heart, Joe has leveraged his passion for design and people throughout his career. As Creative & UX Director at RevUnit, he oversees the design of enterprise-level apps at a global scale. Joe is also a husband, and the father of three hurricanes (children).


Donny Epp

Donny is a designer, marketer and communications professional. As Director of Communications at Simmons Foods, he manages a broad range strategies including change initiatives, public relations, and messaging.